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Empowering and Inspiring Women through Jewelry!

Empowering and Inspiring Women through Jewelry!

As a female owned brand, I embrace and understand the importance of celebrating Women's History Month. While I seek to empower and inspire women through my jewelry, I acknowledge the incredible achievements of women and the progress that we've made to close the gender equality gap. I am also grateful to those women who have paved the way for me to be creative, and to those from whom I draw my inspiration.

Blue Topaz + Peridot Pear Hoop Earring Set

My motto “Keep your confidence wrapped in Jewels” is a reminder to women to always shine in their greatness. I want women to feel stylishly empowered when they adorn my pieces, so I create with the intention of delivering feminine attractiveness and add sentimental value through the use of lots of heart and pear shapes gemstones; both of which have spiritual meanings, timeless history and evoke feelings of emotion. For me, being able to design jewelry for woman that speaks directly to them is incredibly empowering.

Blue Topaz + Amethyst Heart Post
Happy Women's History Month
xoxo, Cloyette

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